About Us

A Great

digital experience
for future-looking brands

We are a bunch of thinkers, designers and creators who know each and every corner of
digital media landscape with over 15 years of experience in the field of design, development,
video production, media creatives and campaign management.

We are at the intersection of
art and science

Artistic perspective, commitment to beautiful craft and our passion for data and media intelligence are at the core of our business.

  • We love the intersection of art and science.
  • We harness the power of design and technology.
  • We blend the creativity and data.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

We are a self-managed agency with lean structures and senior talents. This simplicity and commitment nurtures our culture and our clients.

Beginner mindset

Expert mindset is about issues and problems. Beginner mindset is all about opportunities and possibilities. That is why we start with each our client with a beginner mindset to explore potentials and grow business through effective and efficient creative production.

Go far, go together

In today’s super-complex media environment there is no single magic shop for a brand’s whole
media driven needs. We should collaborate. And we can make it cool and fun at the same time.

It is all about trust

That is why we care at top to our partners and embrace a truly collaborative working culture with
media agencies, traditional/digital agencies. They are our friends.
And friends work better together.

We are a technology driven company

Sharpcake is a 100% digital DNA company. That is why we work through technology platforms for each and every step of our business processes; from creative production to campaign setups, media creatives uploads, testing, bug fixing, internal communication, productivity, file management, and more. We are digital natives.