Why Sharpcake?

Creatives based on your data

Almost every brand has tones of user and behavior data. But very rare can utilize them to make great creatives. That is where we enter the stage.

Sharpcake loves to deep dive into funnel study, ad performances- provided by client or media agencies or any relevant existing user data in order to figure out the best possible creatives that will work.

We also love to create different versions of ads to be able decide the right ads to invest. And make sure decisions are made according to accurate data gathered from creative testing.

Why Sharpcake?


Digital video is the most growing content form in global advertising mix. By 2020 video will also account for 80% to 90% of all online traffic. According to eMarketer US digital video ad spending will surpass $50 billion in 2022, growing at double-digit rates, with 29.7% growth in 2018.

Sharpcake combined best-in class video artists and a suite of tools with the creative automation and technical wizardy which make it possible to scale high quality video production suitable for any medium for brands.

We believe the power of video and we believe brands need to increase the quality and shareability of their video content in order to cut through the noise and reach audiences with any efficiency.

Why Sharpcake?

Obsession for
creative quality

Thanks to new breakthroughs in data and technology, media is playing a much larger role for driving sales than ever before. However creative quality remains the single most influential factor (47% creative vs 36% media) comparing to driving sales lift from advertising campaigns, declares Nielsen and Nielsen Catalina Solutions in a 2017 report.

Great media placement can never make good on poor creative. Money spent on media is wasted if the ad fails to deliver a memorable impression that will influence desired user behavior. That is why we are obsessed with beautiful design, better creatives and craft skills.

Why Sharpcake?

User interface
design skills

We do love creating ads. But we also care at top where our ads or videos will bring people to, mainly a well planned landing page, a solid campaign or product page, a lead generating card or any mobile or web asset. So we design and deliver those destination assets to deliver the best possible ad journey experience for target users.

Sharpcake is full of people who have had extensive experience in user interface design. This knowledge and experience, gained from countless micro and macro projects done for global brands, provided a robust UI design perspective for each and every content form we create. Not only for destination assets (landing page, product/campaign page, web/mobile asset) but also for ads (video, rich media, display).

Why Sharpcake?

Create, Test,

Millward Brown's analysis finds that consistent creative-testing improves a brand's ad effectiveness by at least 30 percent compared to brands that do not test.

And that’s where Sharpcake can help. You can now harness the power of dynamic creative optimization and creative testing. Our aim is to create effective ads and contents for relevant audiences in a fragmented media landscape. We produce high volume creatives at high speed for you to test, optimize and win.

Why Sharpcake?

Modular design thinking

Dynamic and data driven activity requires a totally different way of planning and creating when it comes to display/video creatives. That is where we take the stage. Our owned developed modular design thinking methodology make it possible for our teams to create the best in class and right adaptable content for specific target audiences at scale.

Why Sharpcake?

Main Funnel

Before jumping into videos, media plans or media specs, we jump into your business needs and campaign objectives. That leads us to Main Funnel Study, which is a short and consultative process in which we deep dive into your campaign and optimize all funnel steps to project relevant creative needs. Upper, medium and lower tunnels require different approaches and custom creatives that resonate the particular audience.

Why Sharpcake?

We care our
clients real-time.

Display ads, social ads and videos are awesome! However, the creative production process is not that much enjoyable for brands.

Time wasting back and forths, last minute changes, poor creative execution, compatibility or coding bugs, lack of media or business perspective, weak collaboration among partners, and so on. As Sharpcake we aim to eliminate all these obstacles and create an outstanding ad making experience for our client’s teams.

Hopefully, advertisers can now raise the bar in each and every step of display ad making. Planning, creating, crafting and delivering has never been so smooth.